Friday, February 12, 2016

The New Acadia Community Garden and Art Society Website and Newsletter

The Acadia Community Garden has a new website and blog, address and phone number.  

For more information please contact the Acadia Community Garden at:

Acadia Community Garden and Art Society
332 - 94th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2J 0E8



Phone: 403 800 8365

We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Update for Tomorrow, Saturday May 23 2015 assembly and installation of community bulletin board/sign.

Dear Acadia Community Garden email list:

Update for Tomorrow, Saturday May 23 2015 assembly and installation of community bulletin board/sign.

We have to postpone the installation of the Community Sign and Bulletin Board that was planned for 9 am tomorrow.  It will still happen on a future date, but like the best laid plans, sometimes we have to change them a bit. On the up side, more people can learn about this exciting project and come help or cheer us on when its rescheduled.

We are still planning to have someone from the Acadia Community Garden and Art Society in the Acadia Community Garden site tomorrow at 9 am if you would like to stop by for a visit.  

If you like, you are welcome to join in shovelling some dirt piles around. There is always a bit of work to be done at the garden that is made easier with many hands and its fun to get together in the garden.

We can chat about future plans for the Food Forest, the community u-pick garden beds, dream of compost bins, and check out the area we plan to put a butterfly and bee pollinator garden.  

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to meeting you in the garden.


Corinne Sandhurst

Acadia Community Garden and Art Society

Monday, May 18, 2015

new website is active! Call to Artists started for the Art in the Garden Festival July 26

The new website is working for the Acadia Community Garden and Art Society.    Please visit  We are starting a new blog there as well.

We have a new phone number 403 800 8365 and email is 

The website has a page with info about the call to artists (all disciplines) for the Art in the Garden Festival. The deadline for submissions is June 15.  

Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Upcoming Annual General Meeting for the Acadia Community Garden and Art Society - Monday, April 27, 7:00 pm.

Hello Gardeners and Friends

Planting season is just around the corner and we are all excited and ready to start sowing those seeds!

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming AGM.

Acadia Community Garden & Art Society AGM

     When:      Monday, April 27 at 7:00 pm

     Where:     Calgary Co-Op, McLeod Trail SE
                      8818 McLeod Trail SE
                        (Upstairs Meeting Room)

ANYONE who has an interest in the Garden, whether it's as a gardener, an art contributor, special projects like flower beds, volunteering or just curious please feel free to join us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring is in the Air - Come Join Us at the Acadia Community Garden!

Its time to start planning for the new gardening season!  The raised beds are going fast.  If you are interested in gardening with us this year, there are still 4'x 6' beds left. Please email if you would like to sign up with us!

Its going to be a fun year. We are planning our Stepping Stones Grant project. We have $600.00 to build a  garden sign with a community bulletin board.  We will be able to share our news 24 hours a day on the board.  We are going to engage the community's help with the sign so keep posted for more news on how you can get involved.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lawn Chair Theatre Wed Aug 27 6-8 pm A family Arts Event

Lawn Chair Theatre is at the Acadia Community Garden site

Wed Aug. 27 from 6-8 pm.  

340 94th Avenue SE  (Beside Ecole De La Source School)

For all types of families, couples with or without children, older adults, singles.

Magician, Music, Entertainment!

All Welcome!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Soul of the City grant: Art and Garden Come Together Aug 9th event

Here is the posting from last night on our Facebook site. Sorry it didn't make it to the blog yesterday!
What an incredible day mural painting on the road and block party.

Thank you to the amazing volunteers from the Acadia Community Garden and Art Society and the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour and the Acadia Strong Neighbourhood Initiative - you made the event! You set up, you helped out and you tore down. Somewhere in all of that, I sure hope you had time for a burger, painting the mural and fun and games! What a partnership this was!

Thank you to Sylvia Prochownik, pavement mural artist, for bringing to life the amazing mural with the help of our incredibly talented Acadia community folks of all ages.

A special shout out to Julie Sumner and Andy Poldaas, and Noel and Catherine James, for being incredible support team to Sylvia. From gridding, mixing paint, guiding and helping painters, they went above and beyond to help Sylvia and the community create Sylvia's vision on the pavement.

Thank you to The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Economic Development for the generous Soul of the City Neighbours Grant! Thank you for believing in us and our vision for this incredible day.

Thank you to Viviana and Acadia Strong Neighbourhood Initiative,
Calgary Parks and Recreation, Calgary Roads, and everyone else at the City of Calgary that helped us, held our hand as we learned the ropes of how to do a mural and block party and answered our myriad of questions. This City rocks! All the staff involved from the City of Calgary did everything they could to help us make this happen. Thank you!

Thank you to all our Sponsors and Supporters and Special Guests- they came, they chatted, they painted, they donated, they discounted, they accomodated, and made the event event more special...

Acadia's own fabulous Firemen, Garry Deckert - Captain and Crew and the awesome Fire Engine and Constable Josh Young and his police car. These fine people keep our community safe and were so kind to come out and chat with the community, and paint on the mural and be an integral part of the festivities. We are so lucky to have you looking out for us in Acadia.

Our MLA, Justice Minister, Hon. Jonathan Denis took the time to stopped by and chatted with the community and even painted on the mural too!

Julie Black, The Calgary Foundation, came out for a visit and spoke at our opening ceremonies. It was so good to share our event with her. Without the Calgary Foundations funding, and Julie's amazing background support - this day would not happen.

Janet Melrose, the Calgary Horticultural Society dropped by for a visit and is writing an article for the Calgary Herald about our event. Janet was instrumental in helping us learn how to start a community garden and how to keep growing it.

Fabulous Porta Potties from BRIAN'S PORTA POTTIES
Traffic Cones from GRAHAM
Generator and Traffic Cones from ELLIS DON
Minerature Horses and wagon from MACDONALD MINERATURE HORSES
Old Fashioned Toss Games from ALLLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT
Tables/Chairs/Benches/sundries/ - LUTHERAN CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR
Flowers on the new raised beds - LINDA BERRY and SHARON POLDAAS
Pressure Washer and Paint - BASELINE PAINTING
Pressure Washer #2 - VICTORIA AND ROB
Bench Boards and Mural on Bench - CATHERINE JAMES
Paint & Mentoring emerging artists - SYLVIA PROCHOWNIK
60 traffic cones-GRAHAM CONSTRUCTION

I am so sorry if I missed anyone - each of you was instrumental in making the day happen. Please let me know if I did.

To everyone in the community that came out - this day was for you! We hope you had fun. We wanted to get to know you and for you to get to know us. There would be no mural and no party if you were not there. You are part of a legacy and we hope to see you, your friends and family at Growing Acadia annual event next year. It will be a smaller event - a picnic in the park with some lovely music. Date is TBA.

One last and very important thank you must go out - to the neighbours of the Acadia Community Garden. You gave us your support - 100%. You encouraged us, you believed we could do this and you let us paint a mural on our street. We are so glad to share the street with you. Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement.

Thank you all for a great day.

And now its time for bed! Good night everyone!

Corinne Sandhurst
Acadia Community Garden and Art Society